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Sipping Espresso Turns One!


Wow!  We did it!  SIPPING ESPRESSO officially turns one today.  I distinctly remember starting our blog one year ago today.  Jen had the idea to use a blog in order to maintain a “virtual journal” of our time in Italy.  She also wanted a vessel to share our photos and stories with family and friends.  I was intrigued by the idea of maintaining some sort of project and so I was happy to jump into the blogosphere.  Over the past year that we have been posting – our tiny, insignificant blog has grown into something much, much more…a little, insignificant blog.
Grover Helps Us Celebrate

Over the summer, we took a cruise that concluded with a goodbye letter from the captain, along with “fun facts” about our time at sea.  For example, they listed the number of crew on board, the amount of food consumed in terms of weight, our nautical miles traveled, etc.  It gave me the idea that it may be fun to also look back at our own blogging voyage and break down the numbers from this past year.

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