Jen Prepares Ingredients for Zuppa (Soup)

Jen’s Kitchen

Jen is becoming quite the cook and even though my taste buds thank her, my waistline surely does not.  These pages will be dedicated to some of the wonderful things that are coming out of “Jen’s Kitchen”.  She will be your author and guide for all posts on these pages (but I have a feeling I may chime in a little too… I’ll be sure to identify myself when I do).

Jen will feature recipes that she has learned in some of our favorite local kitchens as well as some meals she has concocted herself.  Be assured of one thing – if you’re reading a recipe on this site, I have personally tasted and enjoyed it!  We have also gone past just cooking in “Jen’s Kitchen” and have experimented with a  few fun and typically Italian things that everyone needs to try once in their lifetime!

Click below for some wonderful Italian:


Click below for some exciting Italian:


Enjoy and buon appetitio!

Drink in Italy With Us

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