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Since we’ve moved to Italy, my camera has been on overdrive.  This page of the blog will be devoted to our absolute favorite photos.  I will add them in chronological order (most recent on top) and I will try to update this page regularly.  Click on any one of the images in the gallery and it will expand – scroll through them using the arrow keys.    

It is my hope that you find these interesting and most importantly of all, that you enjoy!

*the majority of the photos on this page have been photographed with a Canon EOS 60D camera and an EFS 18-200 mm lens* 

Cinque Terre, Italy

While my parents were visiting, we sought out to see this absolute gem – Cinque Terre.  My camera couldn’t do the beauty of these villages justice.

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Ascona, Switzerland

My parents flew in, eager to visit with us and see Julia.  We spent a lot of time going around the lake – we enjoyed the gardens of Villa Carlotta.  One day, we set out to recreate my grandfathers photo from over 63 years prior.

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Highlands, Scotland

After our trip to Abruzzo, we flew with Jen’s family over to Scotland for an amazing getaway.  The landscape was among the most beautiful we’ve ever seen.

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Abruzzo, Italy

Jen’s family came to visit and we all hit the road for a trip to Civtella Messer Raimondo in the Abruzzo region of Italy.

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Côtes du Rhône & Riviera, France

We embarked on a wonderful road trip to visit our good friends Michel and Shirley at their home in Sablet, France.  Before we arrived, we took a detour through the French Riviera.

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Bellagio & Tuscany, Italy

We loved spending time with my sister, Michelle and her husband David.  The real highlight though, was watching Julia get to spend time with her cousin, Elsa.  Among other day trips, we visited Bellagio and Tuscany.

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Lago di Como, Italy

When our good friends Nathan and Danielle came to visit this past spring, we took a boat ride to Bellagio.  I was able to capture a couple photos on an otherwise cloudy day that I found particularly striking.

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Tuscany, Italy

We have always loved Tuscany – we have been lucky enough to spend time in Tuscany long before we moved to Italy.  But we were really lucky to discover that one of our friends from high school now calls Tuscany her home!  The trip did not disappoint and neither did a couple of the pictures.

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Salzburg, Austria

The Hohenwerfen Fortress dominates the landscape in a small town of Werfen outside of Salzburg.  This tour of the castle was our first visit inside of a medieval fortress, our first falcon demonstration and the first time an eagle flew directly over our heads.

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Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomiti mountains are purely breathtaking.  An expansive mountain range that spans across northeast Italy and home to our Zia Claudia; they were also our home for several days during Easter 2013.  This road trip was the first time I filled my camera’s memory card – the scenery is like nothing we’d ever seen in our lifetimes.

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Dublin, Ireland

When we went to Dublin for St. Patrick’s Day – we couldn’t believe how much the city had to offer.   Every night, they would “green the city” which was uplighting most major buildings with green lights.  We also enjoyed more than one Guinness.  

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Verona, Italy

Verona was the first major “road trip” that we took when we got here.  While I have many beautiful memories of Verona, my favorite photo was of my two girls in front of Castello San Pietro.  Julia was a huge hit with tourists in Giulietta’s House – they lined up to take pictures of her.

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First Photo

When we first arrived in Italy, Jen suggested we start a blog as a type of “journal” for our time here. We wracked our brains for names and eventually fell in love with a domain name that would become our way of life.  Sipping Espresso evoked a feeling of a newfound, slow-paced Italian lifestyle.  Additionally, we wanted to drink up everything that Italy has to offer.  But first we needed a photo…

Julia Sips Her Espresso and Becomes Our Spokeswoman
Julia sips her espresso and becomes our spokeswoman

More to come…

Please let me know your thoughts!

Drink in Italy With Us

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