Jen and Julia in an Irish Pub

Greg, Jen & Julia

We are an expat family from America living in Como, least for now.  This blog is our story.

Hello!  My name is Greg and I will be your guide throughout most of our Italian food, travel, family, humor, photography… blog.  I hope to entertain you, occasionally make you laugh (I’m only striving for an “internet funny” laugh… where you  just blow out a little extra air through your nostrils) and possibly enlighten you with a few tips and tricks for traveling with a toddler.  Even though I am the main voice you’ll encounter on our blog, my beautiful wife, Jennifer also contributes and our daughter, Julia helps provide some of the content.

Greg Driving Boat on Lake Como
I [skillfully] pilot a boat across Lake Como

Now you know who I am – but if you’re really curious, here’s the rest of our story…

Jen and I met during middle school in our U.S. hometown of Maryland.  We immediately became close friends and remained linked (although never “officially”) throughout middle and then high school.  We danced together at many school dances and even rode together on the same float as Homecoming Prince and Princess (is it lame I threw that in there?).  When it came time for college, we both became proud Hokies of Virginia Tech.  After graduating and entering the “real world”, we also decided it was time to get real about our relationship and became more than friends.  We were married at the St. Regis in Washington, DC.  The real highlight in our lives came in when we were greeted by our precious daughter, Julia!

Jen and I on our wedding day in 2009
Me and Jen on our wedding day in 2009
Greg, Jen & Julia in front of Bellagio
Julia hugs her parents in front of Bellagio

One morning, Jen asked me while I was shaving…“since you always talk about new adventures, should we move to Italy?”  After about five minutes of contemplation, I answered “absolutely” and a plan was hatched.

It was an easy decision because of a fortunate support system.  Jen has family spread throughout northern Italy.  Her father is Italian and as a result, she has a dual citizenship.  Her parents have a beautiful condo they were generous enough to “loan” us, which really made this all possible.

We put our careers on hold and seized an opportunity to experience everything Italy has to offer.  But our main motivation was the hope that our daughter will benefit the most from this trip.


No… but we’re trying.  Some may say we’re pazzo (crazy) for doing this, but I heard somewhere that it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks (wait… is that right?).


In a magical place called Lake Como that I’ve featured HERE.


Great question and a perfect segue… please click HERE to find out.

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