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Italians are HIPPIES?! Who knew?

OK… not quite your Grateful Dead listening, moccasin wearing, pot smoking, “make love-not war” type of hippies.  More of the modern-day “green” kind.  Which is a good thing.  But let me tell you something…


When we first moved here and were getting our run-down of the new rules of life, one of the first things we discovered was that everything gets recycled.  You’re likely saying, “what’s the big deal?  I recycle!”  Sure, we did too.  I was quite proud to carry my bottles, plastic and paper to the big blue bin next to the trash chute.  Our building actually changed from having to separate paper from plastic into one big bin to make it more convenient.  Now that’s the type of recycling I was used to.

But this… this is next-level recycling.  Thinking about throwing that banana peel away?  You’d better stop in your tracks!  Planning on throwing away that package your kids toy came in?  Stop right there!  You were planning on seperating the paper label from the plastic cover and removing it from the cardboard backing, right?! Continue reading Italians are HIPPIES?! Who knew?