Bagels and Lox – Italian Style

I’ve got a lot I should be blogging about.  Now that the spring flowers have arrived, I’ve decided Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I’d like to feature the lake – specifically, downtown Como for you.  I also need to do a piece on Alzate Brianza (the town in Como in which we reside).  I would love to share with you images of our condo that we’re borrowing from Jen’s parents.  If that’s not enough… we have had some wonderful experiences recently in Bergamo, Tuscany, Piemonte, Bellagio, Venice and more.  And of course, we’ve had some incredible meals I’d like to showcase.

A scene in Tuscany – what I should be writing about

In order to share these stories I will need to take hundreds of new photos and sift through the thousands I have already taken.  Then, I’ll need to re-create the stories and sprinkle in a bit of research about the towns.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love doing this.  And I love even more that we have both devoted and casual readers of our blog.  A highlight of my day is getting a comment from a new reader somewhere in the world.  But, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer work of it all.  I recognize that feeling stressed over such an unimportant task is comical.  Or perhaps it just makes me look like an asino (you can translate that one on your own).  But what can I say… I just want to do the best job I can.

So what do you do when you’re overwhelmed?  Procrastinate, of course!  And what can make you happy when you’re overwhelmed?  Comfort food, of course!  So this blog is a procrastination piece about comfort food!!

I wouldn’t necessary call bagels and lox your typical “comfort-food”, but it is a breakfast dish both Jen and I love.  We’ve shared many wonderful brunches with this as the main course and loved every crunchy/creamy/slimy and flavorful bite.  Plus, it reminds of us of home.

I was surprised to see how popular smoked salmon (“lox”) is in Italy.  It is widely sold in the supermarket, with a vast number of brands jockeying for premium shelf space.  Since breakfast in Italy is very light (usually just a few biscotti), once in a while we will get salmon to mix things up.  However, a bagel in Italy is as non-existent as a Jew in Mississippi.  So instead, we use toast points and occasionally add capers.

One day, we accidentally stumbled on all the typical ingredients (minus the bagels) and decided to go for it!  So, here is our version of a “bagels and lox brunch, Italian style”.

All the ingredients, minus our “everything” bagels
The final product was quite delicious!

Now that I’m done procrastinating… I just feel more guilty than ever!  Guess I should really get to work… but maybe I’ll just check out some new posts on 9gag first…

8 thoughts on “Bagels and Lox – Italian Style”

  1. Blogging is a HUGE task…that’s why I rarely do it anymore. 😉 Instead I continue to document my life on Instagram but you won’t regret doing this!

  2. Just visited your blog for the first time and it sounds like you are having the best time. My husband and I are moving to Como in february 2014 with our daughter (5 years old) and son (5 months at that stage- he is not born yet :-)) It is great to read about the adventure waiting for us in Italy.

  3. We are looking forward to see you in a few days. I presented you with a Liebster blog award in my recent post. Check it out.

  4. Amy – you said it! Blogging could easily be a full time job. Too bad I don’t think it could pay the bills.

    Lene – welcome, glad you found the blog. You will absolutely love living in Como. Is it work that’s bringing you here? Please feel free to reach out to me for any tips/advice before or after you arrive.

    Michel, I saw that Sara had presented you the award (deservedly so) and we are thrilled you have bestowed the honor on us. We are very excited to see you and Shirley soon in France.

  5. Thank you so much 🙂 We are so excited about the move and will probably take you up on the offer of advise when we get a bit closer to February. I will be on maternity leave from my job in Denmark and my husband will study a semester in Como Campus of Milan University. Are you working in Como?

  6. Hi Lene – we moved here this year to soak up the culture and try to learn the language. I hope to network and develop relationships that lead to a job that brings me back and forth between the US and Italy (I’m not presently working).

    I’m familiar with the campus where your husband will be studying – there are few better places to go to school. Let me know before you arrive and I’ll be happy to offer any advice I can.

  7. Hi again, Thank you for your reply- I apologise for being quiet for some time- we just had a new baby boy so I have been pretty busy 🙂 we are counting down until February when we head off to como.we are currently sorting out all the practicalities with our house here in Denmark, our daughters school and our new baby 🙂 we are super excited!!! We are slowly trying to find an apartment or a house. You would happen to know somebody who is letting property?
    Take care and all the best from
    lene – and the family, Philip, Anna and Conor 🙂

  8. Hi Lene, congrats on the new baby boy!! I’m sure Conor is a dream.

    You will love living here in Como – today was absolutely perfect – the blue skies showcased all the snow-capped mountains wonderfully (although, it will definitely be a bit more gray in February… just hang in there).

    I don’t know anyone that is renting a place, but I will keep my eyes and ears open. If you want to reach out, feel free to email me at


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