A Sunday Stroll

What’s a good thing to do on a Sunday?  We thought a stroll by the lake might be the perfect activity.  Jen’s uncle Franco had been telling us about a lake nearby that is an exact 5k and perfect for walking and stroller pushing because it has a paved walkway.
Lago di Segrino

Jen and I had ventured off on our own half a dozen times this past week trying to find this nearby lake. First, we went to Lago di Alserio, because that was the closest.  We discovered a charming new town and another “happy hour” place to try – but alas, the lake was not suited for walking.  Next, we tried Lago di Montorfano and found a place to rent boats and a fun-looking beach bar for the summer time.  But no walking trail.  After a few more failed attempts, we realized that we were never going to find this place on our own, given that this area of Italy is often referred to as the Lake District of Italy.  So Sunday morning we asked Franco if he would show us on google maps the location of the map.  Instead, he volunteered to join us and personally direct us in the car.  And fortunately, Claudia offered to stay home and cook us lunch for our return!

So, off we went… to the correct lake – Lago di Sagrino.

It was a bit colder and even winder than we anticipated originally, so we bundled up tight.   Jen snapped a few photos on her iPhone.

Julia bundled up nice and snug

We had a nice walk and enjoyed some nice scenery.

Willows in the wind
Can you see me hidden by that tree?
Julia insisted she get out and join in the fun for a little while too.  No free rides for that little girl!
Greg, Julia and Franco
And of course, at the end of your walk or run, you’ll need to stop and have your espresso!

Bar on the lake for snacks and coffee
We found a wonderful new activity – so if you enjoy a nice walk or jog, be sure to bring your sneakers when you come visit!

3 thoughts on “A Sunday Stroll”

  1. Oh, that looks pretty but cold and breezy. I would have been the first in line for espresso. What I want to know is what did Claudia make for lunch?

    1. You nailed it – pretty, but it was a very breezy day. There were actually white-caps on the lake. We can’t wait to go back again though. As nice as the walk was, lunch may have been the highlight. She served gnocci with a bolognese sauce and made a lasagna too – just for fun! Of course, wonderful bread, cheese, salad and wine to accompany. She really is a wonderful cook. I’m going to do a post on her food soon.

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